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ICF Certification: Elevates Your Coaching Journey
By ICF Metro DC
Posted: 2023-08-03T19:36:56Z

ICF Certification: Elevates Your Coaching Journey

By Maureen Gallen, CPCC, PCC

As the field of coaching continues to grow and evolve, obtaining professional certification is becoming increasingly crucial for both aspiring and experienced coaches. Among the various certification bodies, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) stands out as a leading authority in the coaching industry; ICF  certification validates a coach's skills and ethical practices. 

As coaches, we dedicate our work to helping our clients achieve their goals and unlock their potential. The process of certification equips us to use a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art coaching skills and knowledge, tested and validated by industry experts. Embracing these tried and true techniques, has given me confidence in delivering impactful client engagements. These are a few ways certification has enhanced my experience as a coach:

  • Practicing Hours for Mastery: ICF's certification process requires coaches to accumulate a significant number of coaching hours, ensuring they have gained ample experience in working with diverse clients and addressing various challenges. For me, this emphasis on practice has fostered confidence, expertise, and adaptability, all of which I’ve found crucial in my career as a coach.
  • Ethical Framework and Standards: Ethics lie at the heart of any reputable profession, and coaching is no exception. ICF-certified coaches adhere to a stringent code of ethics, providing clients with a safe and confidential environment to explore their growth and development. My commitment to ethical conduct fosters trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships with my clients and gives me clear boundaries and guardrails within which to operate.
  • Recognition and Validation: ICF certification carries global recognition and respect. By holding an ICF credential, coaches signal their commitment to excellence and professionalism, setting themselves apart in a crowded coaching marketplace. Many corporations and organizations prefer working with certified coaches as it ensures a certain standard of quality and expertise; I’ve found this to be true for those with whom I’ve collaborated.

Pursuing ICF certification is not merely about obtaining a badge.  I also experience personal and professional growth on an ongoing basis. The process of preparing for certification enabled me the opportunity to dive deeper into my own coaching style, gain self-awareness, and identify areas for improvement. The reflective practice expanded and enhanced the tools I can rely on to support clients effectively.

As an ICF-certified coach, I am part of a vibrant and supportive global coaching community. ICF coaches enjoy networking opportunities, peer support, and shared learning – enriching our experience in what can be a relatively solitary profession.

Although most clients seeking a coach may not identify a particular type or level of credential as the main factor in their decision making – leaning instead on their intuitive sense of connection to a coach – I do believe that the experience gained in the credentialing process can strengthen that connection. The competencies evaluated through ICF certification build upon one another to enable coaches to build trust, connection, and confidence, even in the very early stages of a coaching partnership. 

We have clear examples that ICF certification opens doors to a broader range of opportunities.  But more importantly, it demonstrates my, and every certified coach's commitment to professionalism. I am proud to be an ICF certified coach!

Maureen Gallen, CPCC, PCC is the Founder and Principal of By Choice Coaching, where she practices coaching aligned with the principle that everyone deserves to take action based on informed choice aligned with their core values. She serves as the Chair of the Membership Committee on the ICF Metro DC Board of Directors. Connect with Maureen on LinkedIn.